The practice of yoga will allow you to open your body and mind so that you can experience an expansive, full and inspired life. Whether you are looking for a powerful practice or to rest and restore, Yoga at Psycle is an infusion of the best teachers, styles, and practices - done with spirit and authenticity.

Our signature sequence is a vinyasa flow designed to ‘fix’ your over-worked, over stressed or underused bodies from London life. This fully functional class designed and infused with knowledge from some of London’s leading Yoga teachers will leave you feeling open, light and free. Committing to the fix will give you, lasting positive changes that will restore balance, build strength and release tension. Perfect if you’re looking for a flow with purposeThis class is an accessible step into vinyasa yoga for all, but also a brilliant and challenging class for those familiar with yoga. This is a set sequence with variations to get into different parts of the body.

Yoga Fix

Fix Legs & Hips
Fix Legs & Hips

Our signature yoga sequence (60 & 75 minutes), designed specifically to work the lower body. This dynamic vinyasa flow works deep into your lower body to strengthen and elongate the legs and glutes while releasing chronic tension in the hips. Think quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Fix Core, Chest & Back
Fix Core, Chest & Back

Our signature yoga sequence, designed specifically to work the core, chest, back and shoulders. This dynamic vinyasa flow will fire up the core and increase upper body strength while creating mobility and enabling a deep release of tension. while increasing strength in the upper body. You will get a full rounded vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on the upper body. Think abs, arms, pecs, and back.

The Full Fix
The Full Fix

The Full Fix is our signature 90 minute sequence which combines targeted core, upper and lower body movements to give strengthen, tone and release your whole body. With variations and progressions nearly every step of the way, this flow allows you to work your foundations or push your limits and is suitable for all levels. Think fast paced, challenging and fun - a full release for the mind and body!

Fix It Beginners
Fix It Beginners

Yoga Fix It is a 6 week beginners course for those who are new to yoga. These classes will introduce you to the fundamental postures and movements of the sequence and teach the correct alignment, so that you can increase mobility, strengthen your body and gain confidence - all at a pace that works for you.


A strong, creative and dynamic flow class with a monthly spiritual focus. For those who like to dive deep not just physically but spiritually too, this is for you. If you are inquisitive about the deeper dimensions of Yoga, Jivamukti is infused with the philosophy of yoga and will give you the opportunity to learn and explore as you move on the mat.


Rocket has the roots of Ashtanga but has a more playful attitude to the practice. Big focus on breath and loosely based on a set sequence with each teacher giving their own flair. A challenging, sweaty but fun class.


A flowing creative class with a focus on aligning breath and movement. Each teacher will have their own flair and each class will be creative and different with varying focuses so it keeps you on your toes. Have a look at the teacher page to get a feel for what you will get in each particular class.


Yin is opposite to yang, the slow to your fast, the camomile to your espresso. Yin explores the idea of dropping into poses for longer periods of time to find a deeper and lasting flexibility of the of connective tissues of the body. Your energy will be restored by going through the challenge of staying in a pose and opening the body.


The sleep of your life. A class designed to take you through a lying down “yogic dreams” mediation which will give you the feeling of 3 hours sleep in 30 mins. Swap your coffee for our nap time class and you will notice huge benefits to your wellbeing.


This class is 90 minute and is designed to challenge and restore the body whilst linking movement to breath. The first 60 minutes is fast-paced, invigorating and dynamic flow where you will work deeply on your core and be encouraged to play with some inversions and fun transitions so come ready to sweat! The second part of this class is more restorative to bring balance to the body, where you will be holding poses for longer using props, getting your body to open up and allowing your mind, body and soul to go into a deep relaxation. Some yoga experience recommended.

We’ve all been there - trying something new for the first time can be daunting. Don’t worry we are here for you and here’s everything you need to know before your first class.

check-in & class set-up

For your first class we recommend that you check-in to reception at least 20 minutes before the class starts. This is important so we can show you round the studio and make sure you are in class on time. It’s important that everytime you check-in at reception you check-in at least 4 minutes before the start of class - if you don't we might give your spot away to the walk-in waitlist.

Your instructor will explain at the start of the class all of the equipment you'll need and can help you with any questions or any modifications for injuries.

what to wear

We recommend wearing barre grip socks or going barefoot for the class and loose sports clothing.

water & smoothies

Staying hydrated when you exercise is vital. We provide water stations in the waiting area so you can fill up your own bottle, or you can buy bottled Belu water from reception.

You can pre-order one of our superfood smoothie from the Energy Kitchen at check-in and we’ll have it ready for you post class. Discover more about the Energy Kitchen here.


We’ve got you covered when it comes to getting ready post class. All of our studios have free lockers, towels and a range of products to get you ready for life again.

We have plenty of hairdryers and straighteners on hand and all of our showers are stocked with the lastest Sachajuan products. Showering after a class has never felt so good!

You can find out more information on our Need to Knows & FAQ pages.